A Few Words About Changes

Changes was established in 2002 to accommodate students from Play Group to O – Level. Since then the school has been playing a full part in increasing educational opportunities. Our aim continues to be to offer an excellent education to all our students in an innovative, research-led atmosphere, backed up by the provision of first class facilities for social, cultural and sporting life. Changes believes in quality education and will ensure that the quality of life on campus is maintained. The slogan of our school is “knowledge wielded by love.” We believe in Bertrand Russel’s this view on education in transforming a society. Teachers in this school are friends of their students. Teaching is imparted in delightful manner and through love, as we believe in conquering everything by love. Besides regular classes the most diverse extra-curricular activities like excursion, study tour to museums and historical places, visit to industries, to factories are arranged every year. Science fair, art exhibition, cultural week, debate competition are yet other criteria of the institute. The school is divided into Infant, Junior, Middle and Senior section. Micro buses are available to carry the students to school. The Infant and Junior sections are equipped with fun books, music, multicolored paper works, playing materials, outdoor activities, cartoon films etc. to help the students achieve basic knowledge. Students will have library facilities with plenty of books to broaden the horizon of their knowledge. Computer will be introduced to students’ daily activities, as it has already become an indispensable part of our life. All students are to be taught to be tolerant of other religion, race, cast and creed. Changes is committed to cling to Bengali culture and heritage and in view to achieving this goal, the school will arrange Bengali cultural programs to give all the students the opportunity to learn about his/her own culture.